The Tao of Sales
An Easier Way to Sell in Tough Times
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Reader Story Submission

Do you have a great sales story you'd like to contribute?

On receipt, we will review your story for submission (and may do some minor editing). We'll send you a copy of the story as it will run on the site for your approval and tell you when it's likely to post.

We will never sell or rent your email address.

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Your story will be sent via email to Tom Behr.

Look at the other Stories in this section. They run from 350 to 1,250 words, and can illustrate either a successful or unsuccessful sales experience.

Most important - include the "lessons learned" as part of the story. Indicate if you want your story copyrighted with your name. Otherwise your name will appear as the author, and your contact information will be included at the end of the story.

Please avoid blatant advertising or promotion in your story. Remember that the point of these stories is to share experience and expertise about selling, not to promote products or services. Also please avoid language that would be offensive to readers.

You may include two (2) "Self-Serving" Links/URLs in your story. A "Self-Serving" Link/URL is a link/URL to a website that you own, control or have an interest in.

Please use proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. While we know there is a variation in what is considered "proper English," we ask that you at least be consistent within your article. Also Please proof read and double check for accuracy before submitting.