The Tao of Sales
An Easier Way to Sell in Tough Times
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The Tao of Sales: Finding Without Looking - 1

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The Tao of Sales: Finding Without Looking

If you’re looking for the “right way” to achieve success, happiness, financial security, and approval from others, you won’t find it. It doesn’t exist. So why are books and tapes that promise “The Answer” to making money and successful selling so popular?

Could it be, in part at least, our lack of trust in our own ability to discover what’s important within ourselves, our customers, and the world?

If happiness is somewhere outside of us, then we’re doomed to spend our lives chasing after it - only to discover, if we actually get what we’re chasing, that we’re still unsatisfied.

What would it be like if happiness were inside all of us: deep, strong and whole? All we would need to learn to do then would be to become more quiet and attentive. If you stop looking, you’ll notice your capacity for happiness, financial security, and approval has always been there, inside yourself - plain to the eye and easy to follow.

Suppose it’s also inside your customers, waiting to be discovered? Is it important to learn from others? Of course. Mastering skills and techniques is a career-long study. But imagine trying to hit a tennis coming at you at 90 m.p.h. with someone else's swing.

To get started "Finding Without Looking," read the article What's the "Right Way" to Sell - Part I, and look for subsequent articles in the series, or practice the skills beginning with "Start Breathing" in the Mastery section below on this page, or the personal intervention under "Chi - Do it Now."

Mastery Click here for all the Mastery exercises in this section

Start Breathing:

Before each sales call, slow down inside, breathe deeply and release whatever tension and anxiety you may be feeling about what’s happened in the past or what you worry may happen in the future. Otherwise you’ll take that tension on the call with you - and give it to the customer.

It’s easy to do in your car (Make sure you’ve parked and turned off the engine, however. Bad idea at a stoplight or driving in traffic!) So long as you don’t engage in audible chants or mantras, you can do it in a bus, train, lobby, or even a waiting room.

Some salespeople find a relaxation script helpful; others just start breathing slowly, from deep in the stomach area (diaphragm), not shallow breathing from the chest, then empty their minds, and gradually release any physical tension, starting with the forehead and working down to the toes, I’ll usually visualize some place that I’ve been to that relaxed me utterly, and walk around there in my imagination, seeing a “video” on the inside of my forehead.

Maximum benefit: visualize how you want the next call to go and then let that set of images guide you to a successful sales call. Do this every day, and ideally, before every call.

Tom Behr, author of The Tao of Sales, provides a compelling, tough-minded and deeply caring perspective on today's turbulent, fast-moving business world - like a fresh breeze in a congested room.
Interview Report

What must I do to open the door to wisdom and personal power?”

“Who says it’s ever been closed?"

(Adapted from a Sufi story in The Way of the Sufi, Idries Shah.)

Chi – Do It Now

What “way” have you followed over the past six months? Purposeful or frantic? Confident or anxious? Focused on your customers or focused on yourself?

What would you need to change in yourself to become more purposeful, confident, and focused on your customers?

How would you feel if you made that change?

Write your answers to these questions for yourself, then share your response with a friend, and ask for feedback.